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released April 28, 2017

artwork - connie sgarbossa
music - maya



all rights reserved


music is really dumb Ann Arbor, Michigan

everything is fucking terrible

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Track Name: i am going directly to hell losers haha
no. stop. ur last chance bowed out while doubting our ground. ur burnt out. burnt out. sighs disguised as exhales. entrances. you drink the rest of your drink. cough on your own spit. ur a coronary murderer, or are you. asking for another data analyst.
Track Name: you mean to tell me that youve never touched or held bofa before
no i got nothing 2 say 2 you, no you got nothing 2 say to me, and ur a god. you say love stinks. yeah. you got the whole world. you see all faces. you jerk.
Track Name: my mom, my dad, my mom and my dad, my mom and dad
get up now. go make them sing. get up now. not from the sink. get up now. my fingers slip. reflect on the ground. show future. sink. now then. i found a big crack in the sky. future. can you give heart. can you, sunshine?
Track Name: o bing bong
trapped. left on the floor tile. you pray 2 worm food. with his sake. nothing is safe. nothing is sick. nothing's dead. witches say "wretched me." sticks. there's none. i can't come through.
Track Name: one night in fuck you
be saved through circlejerk. all see. all pray. all pray. bruises and burns like a pig. ur design. your plan disconcerts me. a snake you'll capture. don't break the surface. you'll appear worthless outside their jail.
Track Name: kreayshawn
go. get the punctures and back down. show junk when you have time. it's good dirt. luxury. will to exist. gotcha with ur damn appendages on. the faith retches.
Track Name: my name is asdgknjpwriga
show me the coil. the wreckage hurts. you left me here. dynamic. the few serve dirt. i'll see a thousand with your baby. on the floor. deserved to reap all what you deserve.